Training Log Week of Jan 1, 2017

I’ve never done a training log post before, but I thought this might be interesting for a couple of reasons. First, the Celt has managed to keep me pretty busy for the last few weeks even with no running at all since 12/3/16 and very little running since late October. So what the heck have I been doing? Second, I work, full time. I also have a family. So when do I do all this stuff? So here it is, my very first training log entry, to answer those very questions!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Assigned workout: Rest day

8 a.m. Home. Who starts the New Year with a rest day? Yuck. Decided yoga counts as resting, close enough. Started yoga DVD while family was sleeping off New Year’s Eve. Obi-Wan, our orange kitty, came to visit and barfed, narrowly missing yoga mat. Cleaned up cat barf. Resumed yoga DVD. Off to a rocking good start in 2017.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Assigned workout: One mile straight swim

6 a.m. YMCA. Starting the new year injured sucks. Texted the Celt to complain about this, despite commitment to no complaining. Received inspiring text back, yeah! Snarky Girl had agreed to swim and her friend, Coach Drill Sergeant Swimtastic (a.k.a. Coach DSS) joined us AND thought of a way to break up the mile. Decided to blow off straight swim and join them in 50s, 100s, etc. Day looking up.

With Snarky Girl at the pool

Tuesday morning, January 3, 2017

Assigned workouts, bike and weights:

5:45 a.m. YMCA. Having confirmed that workout is 5×3 MILES not 3 MINUTES settle in for a long haul in new bike shorts received from Aidan as Christmas gift. This workout was supposed to feel like 10K pace and I think it does while I am doing it, but then wonder, was that really 10K effort? Maybe? At least I am learning more than I ever knew about all these other cardio machines.

Bike workout:

3 mile warm-up
5×3 mile at 3:15-3:30/mile w/1 mile recovery
3 mile cool down

10 a.m. PT appointment – ran for 6 (!!) consecutive minutes on treadmill to get filmed for gait analysis. No foot pain, but I was so nervous that the Maestro’s partner asked me if I was ok. Fine, just quietly having a heart attack here while I run more than I have in a month.

5 p.m. Weights workout at Innovative

Because of the long bike workout, I couldn’t fit this into my usual pre-work time slot. Because the Incredible Mervus is a rockstar, he doesn’t object to my taking the post-work time slot as well. Because Innovative Fitness and Wellness feels like home, I go there, where everybody really does know my name, and do the new “pull” workout from Tough Guy Trainer:

Chin ups: 5-5-3 (not disaster, considering how long it has been since I did these)
Good mornings
Cable pullovers
Russian twists
Single arm rows
Bent knee bridges on stability ball
Slider crossover knee tucks
Side planks
Bosu supermans

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Assigned workout: 45 minutes easy bike

5:45 a.m. YMCA. The Incredible Mervus leaves for work early on Wednesday so I have to be back home by 6:45. Today I rode the Expresso Bike – i.e., video game bike. Spent the first 20 minutes doing a course called “Dragon’s Path” or something like that. Spent the next 25 minutes texting people and sweating on my phone. Figured out if I sign into the Expresso Bike I can maybe be part of an internal YMCA competition. Next ride – look out YMCA bikers!

Expresso Bike!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Assigned workouts: strength and bike

Busy day! Luckily the university is not in session yet but my kids are back in school so I have a lot of flexibility. The wonderful folks at Symmetry PT [yes, the Maestro has a new office!] did a gait analysis for me this week. The conclusion? No need for custom orthotics, but WEAK ASS, weak hamstrings, weird foot circles.

10:00 a.m. Innovative. Tough Guy Trainer has seen me run so he knew about these issues already, but the gait analysis made it official so today we commenced project: Correct Wiliarty’s Weak Ass. AKA – lots of leg stuff.

Also – short trial run. 3 minutes running 1 minute walking three times. Felt 95% fine. YEAH!

4:30 p.m. YMCA. 60 min on Expresso Bike riding “Billy Goat’s Path,” listening to Hamilton and fooling around on FaceBook.

My kids have an after school babysitter and yes, on occasion I sneak out a tiny bit early from work to go to the gym. Working moms have to make it work.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Assigned workout: 1 mile straight swim, but pre-approved variation of whatever Coach DSS shows up with.

5:45 a.m. Early morning swim again with Snarky Girl and Coach DSS. Delightful.

300 warm up
7 x 50, on 1:15, alternate swim and kick
8 x 100, 10 seconds recovery
200 cool down

Also PT session with the Maestro, who also decides to get in on project Correct Wiliarty’s Weak Ass.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Original plans for today thrown out the window through combination of Aidan needing to take a standardized test, the Incredible Mervus needing to attend family funeral, and significant snow storm. Rest day except for:

4:30 p.m. Home. Snarky Girl wanted to use my treadmill so she came over for a bit and ran and then I did 3 min run / 1 min walk times 5 (!!). 15 minutes total running, arches kind of sore, but heel ok. Maestro said, do not fret.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Assigned workouts: rowing and weights

9 a.m. YMCA. Late start because I slept in and had to get Aidan started on high school application process. Incredible Mervus working on home repair. Rose was just barely awake.

3 mile warm-up on bike
10x150m HARD on rowing machine, 1 min recovery, times 10
3 mile cool down on bike

I love rowing. I rowed briefly in college and I swore I would never stop, but it’s actually really hard to find people to row with, a boat, a boathouse, etc. The rowing machine is not the same as being on the water, but it’s still awesome.

Then some weights, which for once I wasn’t especially keen on, but did anyway. It’s a wrap!




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