Runner’s World Podcast Features Sub 30

I talk all the time about my online running group, the Sub 30 Club. These “friends in my phone” provide incalculable support to me and everyone else in the group. We are a large (well over 4000 members!) gang and it’s really not possible to capture our spirit without hanging out with us. So, that’s just what Runner’s World did. They interviewed the founder of the Sub 30 Club, the one and only Ted Spiker and they interviewed a bunch of Sub 30 members at the Runner’s World Festival last October. Today Runner’s World released the podcast about us. If you want to hear about how we got started and what the group is all about, give it a listen:

We are definitely not all back-of-the-packers, despite the title of the podcast. But check out a group where as Christine Fennessy puts it “Everyone matters and everyone has fun.”

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