Training Log – 1.28.18

The most common running question I got from friends this week: So, are you tapering now? Hmmm. I guess so? I asked Coach Mick and he said he prefers the term peaking, from Greg McMillan. Therefore no, I am not tapering; I am peaking. I like that term much better anyway.

Monday, 1/22, Morning Crew – Swim 2000

I was pretty sore and creaky after Sunday’s 20 miler, but these Monday morning recovery swims have been pure gold. I felt SO much better afterwards. I still ducked in to see the Maestro for a little dry needling and massage just to keep my cranky right hip in working order.

Tuesday, 1/23, Early Morning Crew – 6.5 miles including 12×20 second strides in the middle

I did this early to avoid the impending rainstorm. I’m starting to wear additional clothes to try to acclimatize to the warmer weather of my Florida race, but that’s not so easy when it’s still freezing cold here in Connecticut. At least I missed most of the cold rain and I love running strides so, all good.

Wednesday, 1/24, Lunch Time Crew – 4 easy miles from the gym, plus strength training

The temperature went up to 37 degrees, woot! I still wore All. The. Clothes so I got good and sweaty on this one. Also I tried out the shoes I am planning to race in and they felt great. Strength work with personal trainer, great as usual.

Thursday, 1/25, Morning Crew – 7.5 miles, speed intervals, 2 miles WU, 8x800m w/1 min recovery, 1 mile CD

I managed to get nervous about this workout but I think I have only run on the track once since getting past the plantar fasciitis so I am just way out of practice. I was supposed to run these at 10K effort, which Coach Mick and I both kind of guessed would come out around 4:05. Then I ran: 3:52, 3:56, 3:52, 3:56, 3:54, 3:52, 3:52, 3:51. WOOT! I felt great afterwards and this was a big confidence booster. The semester started today so I also returned to the classroom. Sabbatical over with, boo hoo!

Friday, 1/26, Early Morning Crew – 5 easy miles (9:22 pace)

First really early morning run in a long time. It was freezing cold and dark, but this is when my friends run so I was joined by Teacher Runner and Snarky Girl. Running friends for the win!

Saturday, 1/27, Morning Crew – 45 min on the stationary bike plus weights

I have not been on the bike in ages. Super boring. I am ready for spring so I can ride outside. Thought about Mr. Lydiard to find some inspiration. Sort of worked. Texted with friends while riding so as not to lose my mind. Followed by strength training, which was more fun, but I was also starving. Eh, got it done.

Sunday, 1/28, Afternoon Crew – 15 miles, chip down run, 5 miles easy, 5 miles a little quicker, 3 at marathon pace, 2 a little quicker

I felt a little blah when starting this run. My teaching duties resumed Thursday and I feel like I’m juggling a lot of balls right now. I used this run as another chance to practice race-day fueling though and today I felt like the caffeine in the Five Hour Energy Shot really helped. Zoom! I ran faster and felt much better during the second half of the run. Last two digit long run before the marathon!

Total: 38 miles



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