Training Log – 2.4.18

My race is really getting close. This week was marked by more work-work and more bad weather and some noticeable irritability. But also more girlfriend runs, which makes me really super happy.

Monday, 1/29, Morning Crew – Swim 2100

The usual Monday morning swim. I’ve become pretty lax about swimming anything longer than a 100 without a break so today I got inspired and did a 300. Did not drown, always a plus. The swim-after-long-run combo is so good I feel like evangelizing about it, but I try not to get totally weird on people like that.

Tuesday, 1/30, Morning Crew – 6 miles as 2 miles WU, 10×400 w/1 min recovery, 1 mile CD

I had planned to do this on the track and even made a date with Teacher Runner for 6am. Then the forecast started looking bad and I got nervous and canceled on her. Early signs of taper crazies? Or peaking crazies? Or just good sense? We ended up with nearly four inches of snow so I ran on the path later after it was clear.

Wednesday, 1/31, Lunch Time Crew – 4 easy miles from the gym (8:58 pace), plus strength training

I run the same 4 miles every Wednesday and my route goes over a creek. In the fall, I watched the ducks. Then there were no more ducks. Then the creek froze. Last week it was thawed and this week: The ducks were back!!! Maybe spring is coming some day? Apparently I love ducks because I don’t think I’ve ever run this route as fast as I did today.

Thursday, 2/1, Morning Crew – 6.5 miles, tempo intervals, 2 miles WU, 1 mile HMP, .5 recovery, 1 mile HMP, .5 recovery, 1 mile CD

I couldn’t get this workout to transfer to my watch, which was kind of annoying. But work is also a little annoying. Kids are a little annoying. Humans in general are a little annoying. Suspect this is taper/peak madness starting to sneak up on me and I’m just trying to keep busy and avoid being too much of a bitch. Actual running was fine.

Friday, 1/26, Early Morning Crew – 5.5 easy miles (9:17 pace)

Second Friday in a row for early morning girlfriend run with Teacher Runner and Snarky Girl. The forecasted snow was just starting to arrive and no one wanted to be the first to cancel so off we went. The roads were still okay though we had to dodge a couple of snow plows. We also saw deer cross the road as the sun was coming up – our reward for the early morning start. Mornings like these are one of the reasons I run.

Saturday, 1/27, Early Morning Crew – 30 min on the stationary bike plus weights at the YMCA

Shortened version of my usual Saturday morning routine. I had a Girl Scout event with my daughter so I got this done quite early.

Sunday, 1/28, Early Morning Crew – 5 easy miles, then 4 at MP, 4×20 second strides at the end

With Teacher Runner and Snarky Girl AGAIN! So much girlfriend running! I can get 10 done before church so I took advantage of a shorter long run and got some company. This felt good and we inadvertently sped up after 2 miles instead of after 5, so taking that as a good sign. Nice finish to the week!

Total: 31 miles



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