Training Log – 7.1.18

Escape to the lake! That was the only reasonable course of action by the end of a week that just kept getting hotter. I had to shuffle some things around based on travel and weather, but ended up getting all my planned workouts done. As of Sunday, July 1st, my race is 10 weeks away and I’m feeling good about how training is going – knock wood so I don’t jinx myself!

Monday, 6/25, Afternoon Crew – Swim 1600 

After 16 miles yesterday and two days in the car, I was more than ready to hop in the pool. I snuck this in during Rose’s swimming lesson.

Are we looking cute and matchy or just plain sweaty?

Tuesday, 6/26, Early Morning Crew – 9 miles –Track Tuesday! 2 miles WU; 5×1600 @7:45-8:00; 1 mile CD

My notes say it was 55 degrees for this run, which seems like an icy fantasy from the distance of a week later. Squirrel ran her workout at the same time so we gave each other moral support from across the track. I decided to try to descend the 1600s and result was: 7:57; 7:51; 7:47; 7:41; 7:37. Unbelievably stoked after this! Tuesdays are turning into my favorite day of the week.

Wednesday, 6/27, Morning Crew – 4 miles (9:37 pace), plus strength

Usual run from the gym before lifting. Contemplated easy running while running easy. Why do people worry about this so much? Should I worry about it more? Sort of a summer philosophical-type run, followed by a brand new weights routine.

Note maniacally forced smile. I love the treadmill. I love the treadmill. I love the treadmill. Not sure this is working Des…..

Thursday, 6/28, Morning Crew – 5 miles (9:27 pace), treadmill

I seriously hate the treadmill. I will run outside in a whole lot of crappy weather, but we had bad thunderstorms and torrential downpours for most of the day. So, I decided to be happy I have a treadmill in my basement, happy I didn’t postpone the track workout until today, happy to put on my new Nike Zoom Flys, happy to be healthy enough to run. Attitude is everything. Keep showing up.

Friday, 6/29, Early Morning Crew – 9.5 miles (9:24 pace)

This was supposed to be some easy running followed by some goal pace running, but the trails were calling to me. Ran the first 5 or so on the trails with Squirrel and then a few faster miles on the road. The heat was arriving so I resorted to hiding in the woods as much as possible.

Saturday, 6/30, Early Morning Crew – 18 miles (10:01 pace)

I could not decide whether to flip this week’s long run from Sunday to Saturday. The weather is just brutal and it’s cooking my brain. I went to bed Friday night planning to run Sunday, but woke up Saturday morning and just wanted to get it done. So, 18 hot solo miles, followed by taking Rose to horseback riding and then listening to the Incredible Mervus’s band play at a food truck festival. Then I napped. Whew.

Sunday, 7/1, Early Morning Crew – Swim 2150, then weights

Like summer follows spring, swimming follows my long run. Swimming as a recovery workout is like a lovely little miracle in my life every week. The heat has become unbearable so we spent the afternoon at the lake.

Total: 45.5 miles

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