Training Log – 8.5.18 – 8.19.18

These weekly updates have turned bi-weekly this summer, but I hope to get more on top of that as August winds down and normal life eventually resumes. After a nearly flawless training cycle, these two weeks unfortunately have more drama than I would like to report. An old enemy has come visiting and I am fighting it off as best I can. On the other hand, I got to go on a “Run-Cation” in stunning Newport, Rhode Island and spend quality time with old and new running friends. I also got a visit from Coach Cupcake and we took on NYC. I wish every weekend could be filled with friends and adventures!

Monday, 8/6, Morning Crew – Swim 2200

Everybody Loves 50s Always and Forever. Do I even need another swim workout? This is getting to be the grindy part of the training cycle. I’m tired and there’s no mistaking that. Now I have the silly foot to worry about, but considering I ran 22 miles yesterday, it could be much worse. Which is also to say – it could certainly be better.

Tuesday, 8/7, Early Morning Crew – 10 miles as 2 miles WU; 4 at 8:00; 1 easy; 1.5 at 7:45; 1.5 miles CD

I was sort of intimidated by this workout. Anything with sub 8 minute miles still feels very fast to me and the weather has been continuously hot and humid. But I drove to one of my favorite stretches of road in town, up on a hill with lots of pretty farmland. And I pretty much knocked it right out of the ballpark! That felt great! What didn’t feel so great was my foot, which hurt a lot when I was done.

Wednesday, 8/8, Morning Crew – 10 miles on the bike, then weights

We decided it was time to take the plantar fasciitis flare up a bit more seriously. I biked today and will take a couple of days off from running. I also paid a visit to the Maestro and consulted another PT by phone. It’s really not terrible, but given my history, everyone is in the mood for caution.

Thursday, 8/9, Morning Crew – 18 miles on the video bike at the YMCA

Back in the saddle, so to speak. At least all my time off in 2016-2017 taught me a lot about cross training. I know how to get a decent workout done on the bike. The timing of this could be better – I headed to Newport, Rhode Island today for a “Run-cation” with a gang of folks from my Running for Real and Sub-30 Facebook groups. Even without much running, we had a great first evening and I had a delightful bike ride with Coach Mick’s wife.

Friday, 8/10, Early Morning Crew – 14 miles on the bike; Evening Crew – 8 miles on the bike; Also strength training and a foam rolling session

First full day of Run-cation! Thank goodness, Mrs. Mick doesn’t run and I was able to bring along two bikes. We had a glorious morning ride around Fort Adams and along Bellevue Avenue to see the mansions. Then in the evening, we rode with Maid Marion while she ran 8 miles. Maid Marion is a Sub-30 friend I met for the first time in person in Newport and she’s even more badass, kinder and funnier than she seems online. The ride into the sunset with these two incredible women was the highlight of the Run-cation for me.

Saturday, 8/11, Early Morning Crew – 5 miles easy (9:26 pace); also yoga

First run after three days off. I finally got to run on Run-cation! It was glorious! I ran with some new friends and saw more of Newport and my foot was fine! Hooray! It did twinge a bit later so I’m still being very cautious. We had a group yoga class and then went on a marvelous sailboat ride.

Sunday, 8/12, Early Morning Crew – almost 7 miles, (9:47 pace)

I ran the last few miles of an epic 18 miler with some of the Run-cationers. I had hoped to do the whole thing with them, but with the PF situation, that seemed incredibly unwise. Today I did feel the foot cranking at me a bit and maybe it would have been wiser still not to run at all, but for a smart person, I can be a little dumb from time to time. Plus, I really wanted some running on my run-cation! We shall see how much clean up I can do with the post-run anti-PF measures.

Total: 22 miles

Monday, 8/13, Morning Crew – Swim 2400 “F4%K Not Running” Workout

I swam faster than usual, probably due to the lack of running last week or to my being pissed off about said lack of running. Foot is feeling better though, so that’s good news at least.

Tuesday, 8/14, Early Morning Crew – Stamina Intervals, 2 miles WU; 1×4 miles at 7:45-8:00; 2 min walk recovery; 1 mile CD – 7 miles total

The workout went great! I ran the miles (ok, 1600s really) in 7:56; 7:53; 7:42; 7:35! The foot hurt a little bit, but really fairly minor. Weather was as it has been – hot and humid. I’m taking a lot of inspiration from Deena Kastor these days and just seeing that as a positive: At least if it’s hot on race day, I’ll have plenty of practice running in it. The hunt for the shoe for race day continues, obviously….

Wednesday, 8/15, Morning Crew – 10 miles on the bike, then weights

We are moving all easy runs to the bike for the time being. This is an attempt to keep the PF at bay. Of course I am very nervous, but luckily I know how to cross train. And, as Coach Mick says, Cardio iz Cardio.

Thursday, 8/16, Morning Crew – Goal Pace Run, 9 miles, last 6 at marathon goal pace

Still hot, still humid, but I ran these miles at goal pace, as planned! Plus foot was really not too bad. Feeling tentatively hopeful.

Friday, 8/17, Early Morning Crew – 15 miles on the bike

Hot and sticky, but I saw lots of deer. Coach Cupcake arrives today for a weekend visit including a trip to NYC!

Saturday, 8/18, Early Morning Crew – 6 miles easy (10:04 pace)

I ran with Coach Cupcake! Absolutely delightful to have her here! But she is not used to our east coast humidity so it wasn’t a rainbows and unicorns kind of run. We also logged about 10 walking miles in NYC while visiting Ground Zero, Trinity Church (to see Hamilton’s grave) and watching Dear Evan Hansen. A great day and a very late night!

Sunday, 8/19, Afternoon Crew – 17 miles on the bike

After yesterday’s escapades, I sure didn’t need a long run today. So a longer bike ride it was, fueled by caffeine and stubbornness. Got it done.

Total: 22 miles

This low weekly mileage is not pleasing to me, but I hope that the biking and swimming is helping….


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