Training Log – 9.2.18

Saltines in Boston!

One last 20 miler to kick things off and then taper time! But continued plantar fasciitis woes meant I started this taper with a lot of worry and a certain level of grouchiness. By the end of this two weeks of training, though, my foot was feeling better and maybe things are starting to turn around!

Monday, 8/20, Morning Crew – 20 miles; first 10 miles at 9-9:15, second 10 miles at 8:30-8:45

I went to a nearby rail-trail for this run. Having been in NYC so late on Saturday night, I wasn’t up for an early Sunday morning run so I took advantage of a flexible work schedule to work yesterday and run today. This run was tough. It was an out-and-back, downhill on the way out and therefore uphill on the way back. I wasn’t feeling great, mentally or physically. With a lot of help from Coach Mick and HPRM#1, I Deena Kastor’d the hell out of my perspective about this run once it was over. So here are the positives – my fueling strategy worked great. I did a good job staying focused. Despite feeling tired for the second half of the run, I stayed on pace. My foot did not hurt much at all. When it got tough, I was able to meet the challenge and run how I wanted to. This was a a fight, but a fight that I ultimately won.

Tuesday, 8/21, Early Morning Crew – Swim 2150

Everything is off a day this week. Plus the YMCA pool is closed for cleaning so I had to swim at the university. The pool is much nicer, but I like the coziness of the YMCA. I did a “Mental Toughness” webinar with Another Mother Runner in the evening and that was really interesting. Hope something will stick!

Wednesday, 8/22, Morning Crew – 10 miles on the bike, then weights

Today was a tough day. Coach Mick suggested two days off running after the 20 miler to give the foot a break. But even with the second day, it still hurt quite a bit. I saw the Maestro for some dry needling and then I picked a totally stupid fight with good friends. Whole lotta wallowing going on here.

Thursday, 8/23, Morning Crew – 6.75 miles as: 2 miles WU; 5×800 @ 3:35 with 400 jog recovery, then 1 mile CD

I was sort of in my head about this after the 20 miler, but once I got to the track, it was totally fine. I ran the 800s in 3:33; 3:35; 3:34; 3:34; 3:34 so really can’t ask for better than that! The foot did hurt afterwards though so we decided on another two consecutive days of cross training. Sigh. This is not the taper I was hoping for.

The Maestro is great at fixing me up!

Friday, 8/24, Early Morning Crew – 14 miles on the bike

Bike ride was totally fine. Brain was not brilliant. Picked another fight with friends. Snapped at the kids (who were being sort of terrible, but still – summer needs to end!!!). Went to see the Maestro again and this time asked for needles right in the foot. Dry needling in the bottom of the foot hurts like hell. But – I do think it helped. I felt like a super whiny baby all day, however. Ugh.

Saturday, 8/25, Morning Crew – Biked to and from the gym (11 miles each way) plus weights

Yet another day not running but at least I got in more biking. My foot also felt better today and the extra time outside helped my mood as well.

Sunday, 8/26, Morning Crew – 10 miles as 3 @9:15; 2 @9:00; 4@8:45; 1@9:15, then 10 miles on bike

The foot was not perfect, but it was much, much better. I think that needle-in-the-foot thing might have really helped. Plus the time off, I suppose. This had originally been a 14 mile run so I added the bike for some extra cardio.

Total: 36.75 miles running plus 56 miles biking

Monday, 8/27, Morning Crew – Swim 2150, Coach Cupcake’s “Long Course” workout

Swam this workout at the university pool for the second week in a row even though the pool turns out to be on short course. Thank goodness. Snarky Girl came along and neither of us drowned. Success!

Tuesday, 8/28, Early Morning Crew – Tempo Intervals, 2 miles WU; 3×1200 @6:00, 5:50, 5:40 w/easy 400 jog recovery; 1 mile CD – 6 miles total

I felt some discomfort in my foot but again, a notch better than Sunday, so still moving in the right direction. The 1200s came in at 6:03, 5:50, 5:38 so I couldn’t be happier with that! At 75 degrees and 95% humidity, the weather is still ridiculous.

Wednesday, 8/29, Morning Crew – 10 miles on the bike, then weights

Weather is just super gross, but humidity is supposed to be the poor man’s altitude. I keep telling myself that. I drove straight from the gym to Boston for a work conference. My hotel was only two blocks from the Boston marathon finishing line!

Thursday, 8/30, Early Morning Crew – 4.7 miles easy (average pace 9:11)

I was in Boston for work so I got to run with the Running Munchkin! So fun! We have run together a lot of places and she’s started my last two marathons with me. It was great to catch up. I also got to meet Mango and baby Mango for the first time!

Friday, 8/31, Early Morning Crew – 5 miles at goal pace (8:44 average pace – boom!)

Despite some nonsense from my teenage son and a watch malfunction, this run went really well. The weather was a tad better and holding goal pace was no problem.

Saturday, 9/1, Early Morning Crew – 12 miles biking plus weights

This was a beautiful morning and even though I’d pretty much always rather run, biking through rural Connecticut is not a bad second choice. I’m deep into taper with an easier ride and easier weights.

Sunday, 8/19, Early Morning Crew – 10 miles as 4 @9:15; 2@9:00; 3@8:45; 1 CD

Last long run of the training cycle! This went really well. I hit all the paces as planned, but at least as important – I barely felt the foot at all. It’s cooled down to 65 degrees but humidity was still 95%. This run was a real confidence booster! Teacher Runner hosted the Third Annual Running Moms Pool Party in the afternoon which was super fun.

Total: 26 miles running plus 22 on the bike


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