Training Log: 9.24.18 – 9.30.18

Just when it was looking like I might get through the Erie Marathon relatively unscathed, this week proved otherwise. The plantar fasciitis that has been such a plague came back with a vengeance. With the Boston Marathon releasing the 2019 cutoff and new standards for 2020, I was also reminded all week that I got the race I wanted at Erie and I am in for Boston next April. But plantar fasciitis is an old and well-known enemy of mine and I am not at all happy to be re-engaging in that battle. Let’s hope it takes a different course this time around.

Monday, 9/24, Morning Crew – Swim 2200

Snarky Girl and I did the F%!K Not Running swim workout in preparation for the news I knew was coming from the Maestro. Four days off running. I was just starting to be recovered from Erie. I thought I was coming out of this marathon undamaged. This was hard news and I spent a lot of the day feeling sad and angry.

Tuesday, 9/25, Early Morning Crew – 12.5 miles on the bike. Coach Mick’s fartlek workout: 2 miles WU, on/off for 3 min, 2:30, 2 min, 1:30, 1 min; 1 mile CD

I love running this workout. Coach Mick assigns it as the first workout with “work” after almost every race. I needed something to do on the bike other than pedal and feel pissed off, so I did this, which was pretty good actually.

Wednesday, 9/26 – Travel Day

Off to Pittsburgh for the German Studies Association meeting. I had hoped to get in a bike ride on the hotel bike but flight delays and lost luggage killed that plan. The day turned out to be ridiculous and I was happy when it was finally over.

Thursday, 9/27, Early Morning Crew – 12.5 miles on the bike

We are staying at the Omni William Penn hotel, which has the nicest hotel gym I have ever seen. Plenty of cardio choices, full complement of weight-lifting machines, plus a full set of free weights. I would say “heaven for a traveling runner” except “heaven” would be out running the trails and bridges of Pittsburgh.

Friday, 9/28 – 4.7 easy miles (9:55 pace)

I got to run with the Running Munchkin! She is also here for the GSA. She’s less than a week post-marathon so she was happy to take it easy. We ran with another running political scientist friend as well. I was so happy to be away from the conference room and out in the sunshine. My foot felt fine while running, but hurt quite a bit afterwards. Uh oh.

Saturday, 9/29, Early Morning Crew – 13.7 miles on hotel bike

I was not inspired so just did the fartlek run as a bike ride again. The conference and the travel were starting to get to me and I was just worn out. Plus after four days off, I had really hoped the foot would be better than it is. This was a very discouraging day.

Sunday, 9/30, Noon Crew – 9.3 miles in Pittsburgh, progression run

After feeling so crappy yesterday, the Maestro and Coach Mick both said something like, just go run what you feel like running and we’ll pick up the pieces when you get home. It turns out I felt like a glorious progression run on the Three Rivers Heritage Trail. Being out in the sunshine was fabulous. My legs felt ready to go and it was spectacular to run a bit faster at last. I knew this might be bad for my foot, but it was SO good for my spirit. My foot felt fine right up until the very end. With less than a mile to go, it started yelling at me and I had a painful trip home, ending with a bucket full of ice in my kitchen at midnight. I knew bad news was coming and spoiler alert: Next week’s log ain’t going to have much running in it. Sigh.

Total: 14 miles running; 38.7 miles biking; 2200 yards swimming


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