Training Log: 10.1.18 – 10.7.18

As predicted in last week’s training log, no running this week. The plantar fasciitis has flared up enough that I need to stop running for a bit. I’ve been down this road before so I know what to do, but I also know how rough it is. A non-running Angelica is a sad lady indeed. I’m trying hard to convince myself that things won’t be as bad this time around. As High Power Running Mentor #1 reminds me, I am writing my story differently now. Let’s hope he’s right about that.

Monday, 10/1, Morning Crew – Swim 2200, Be A Shark workout

Snarky Girl and I did our Monday morning swim, which was great as usual. But the bigger news was a visit to the Maestro and his request for a two week shut down in the running department. Time to take the plantar fasciitis seriously. He wants images too, so I have to track down a podiatrist. My foot hurt a lot today so I know that’s the right thing to do even though I hate it. The Maestro stuck some needles in my foot and taped it up, which helped me feel better. I got busy and lined up a podiatrist appointment, unfortunately for two weeks out.

Tuesday, 10/2, Early Morning Crew – 20 miles on the bike as 15 min WU; 4×6 min moderately hard intervals w/2 min recovery; 13 min CD (60 min total)

This is a track workout on the bike with the intervals at something like tempo effort, maybe a tad harder. The good thing about having a previous injury is I know how to move the entire program to cross training without much thinking about it.

Wednesday, 10/3 – 10 miles easy on the bike (30 min) plus weights

Work appointments kept me from my usual session with Tough Guy Trainer, but I ran into the Mistress of Mischief and Mayhem and the YMCA and jumped in with her session with her trainer. We had a lot to catch up on and seeing her was the best part of my day.

Thursday, 10/4, Early Morning Crew – 10 miles on the bike (50 min), outside

One of the worst things about being injured is lack of outside time so I was really happy to ride my actual bike today on my regular 10 mile loop.

Friday, 10/5 – Swim 2400, Frank workout

I told Coach Cupcake I needed some tougher swim workouts and that she needed to name them so today I did Frank. Frank was plenty hard enough but I needed him to be a little longer. Easy enough to see where that game is going. I saw the Maestro for more needles and tape so at least I am not in a lot of pain right now. I have called the podiatrist every day this week and today it paid off – I was able to get my appointment moved up to Monday. Yes, I am that kind of patient. This is totally unsurprising to anyone who knows me in real life. Loyal readers, know that I am sparing you the needle-in-the-foot-picture. Instead, look what happens when I can’t run. This issue had better be fixed quickly or I will be broke as well as broken.

Saturday, 10/6, Early Morning Crew – 10,000m row as 15 min WU; alternate 10x200m on/off; 15 min CD, plus weights

I have sometimes done a lot of rowing for cross training. The erg is especially good for simulating speed work and it’s a fantastic workout. I decided to see if it bothered my foot or not and I was very pleased that it did not! 10,000m is a long way to go on that thing, but I had some aggression to deal with. Followed this up with weights.

Sunday, 10/7, Afternoon Crew – 30 miles on the bike (2 hours), outside

Replicating the long run through cross training isn’t easy but this is the best way to do it. Snarky Girl and I enjoyed a fantastic ride in the October sunshine. I hate not running with a grand passion, but wonderful bike rides like this make it tolerable.

Total: 0 miles running; 4600 yards swimming; 70 miles biking; 10k rowing

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