Training Log 1/19/20

Big week! We celebrated Rose’s birthday on Tuesday and had her party on Sunday. She’s seriously into Star Trek these days, as you can tell from her cake. This is our first attempt at a mirror glaze. Not bad for a first try, but I’m eager to give it another go. Maybe we need a Valentine’s cake this year?

In terms of running, I had a really solid week. Both of my faster runs felt great. My easy runs felt better than they have, but I ended up at a faster pace. Best of all, I had a plethora of new running partners this week. I ran with some of the usual hometown gang, plus two friends from the Newport running camp of a couple of summers ago and two brand new friends from the Manchester Running Company! I can’t remember the last time I ran with so mamy different people in one week. My running heart is full of friends and my tummy is full of cake!

Week of January 19

Monday 1/13/20 – Swim

2400 yards with Snarky Girl. “Fuck Not Running” workout.

Tuesday 1/14/20 – Speed Intervals

2 miles easy, stretch stop then 1k@ 4:35, 5 minutes walking rest, 5x1k @ 4:25-4:20 with 4 minutes of walk/jog after each, 4x200m @ 50 with 1minute walking rest after each, 2 mile easy cool down

I ran with Pokey and DANG this was a tough workout! I have not run a lot of 1000m intervals and it took awhile to get the hang of them. Four and a half minutes can seem really long. I think I got better at these as we went along though. The 200s were *really* fun and we hit 48 seconds instead of 50. Boom!

Wednesday 1/15/20 – Easy 6 miles plus strides

Allegro Fuerte came to visit! He came to run and lunch and visit Spread, our new cheese shop! Snarky Girl joined us for the run. Then Allegro Fuerte and I had a fabulous lunch, worked on his spring training plan, and got some excellent cheese. All in all, a top-notch day!

Thursday 1/16/20 – 10 miles, plus weights

I ran a hilly windy 10 miles with a new friend from the Manchester Running Company. The wind was so fierce that it felt like we were standing still the last few miles. Still, a great outing!



Friday 1/17/20 – Tempo Intervals

2 miles @ 10:10-9:10, 5×1 mile @ 7:40-7:30 with an easy 3 minute jog after each then 4×20 seconds fast, 1 mile easy

I got all up in my head about this run. Partly the weather was crazy cold – 15 degrees and wind chill of 5. Partly that just seemed like a lot of fast miles. I ended up running at the Wesleyan indoor track for the first time and that worked really well! Times for the first four miles: 7:42, 7:39, 7:38, 7:36.  I was all set to knock the fifth one out when – Surprise! Fire alarm! That’s not a hazard that pops up when running outside! I went back in and tried to finish the workout but couldn’t get back to tempo pace. Oh well – still a good run and good to know about the indoor option.

Saturday 1/18/20 – 10 miles easy

Another new person to run with! Sort of new, at least. I had to pick up Aidan in Worcester so I met Badass Boomer for 10 delightful miles plus brunch.



Sunday 1/19/20 – 6 miles easy plus strides

Ran with Teacher Runner plus yet another new person from Manchester Running Company! We got snow overnight so the roads were a little slick, but dry enough for running. Last day in a great week of training. Classes start next week so it will be back to headlamp running.

Weekly total: 50 miles

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