Dispatch from Middletown May 31 2020

The world is literally burning this week. Sometimes it’s all I can think about and it’s so hard to know what to do. This morning I was getting ready to run when a friend texted me a congratulations note –  it’s my runiversary, the day I started running back in 2009. Apparently I’ve made enough of a fuss about it in the past 11 years that other people remember.

I’m grinning for the camera here at the start, but feeling like an idiot. I chastise myself as I start running. Will you grin for any camera, Sarah? Is that all it takes to bring a smile to your face? You’re a fool and a fake. Today is not a day to smile.

Then I run on the road near my home and see this sign. Has it always been there and I’ve never noticed? Did someone put it up over night? I’ve no idea. I have 8 miles to go and a lot to think about but my feet are a little lighter.

I decide to run past my church. There was a parade in my town last night to honor George Floyd and to protest structural racism. I should have gone, but I was tired and I was a little nervous and I hadn’t seen my family all day. Excuses, and not terribly good ones. Now I had to see the sign I had heard about. I needed to see it for myself. I can’t go in my church, but at least someone came and put up a sign. It’s a beautiful sunny day in this town I’ve come to love. I can run without worrying about anything except that I should have brought some water. I hope one day everyone can do that.

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