Pride and Tolerance

I ran 18 miles for my long run this morning, which seems really far. In our small town, that means covering a lot of ground. I decided to head down to Main Street to take a picture I’ve been wanting to get for a couple of weeks. A lot of Middletown’s Pride celebration is virtual this year, but Main Street is DECKED OUT! It looks amazing!

Eighteen miles gives you plenty of time to think. Kevin told me a few weeks ago that he felt proud of my running, even though I am the one doing it. That made a difference today when the miles started to get hard. Eighteen miles is a long way and if my family just “tolerated” my running, it would have felt a lot further. But Kevin and the kids are proud of me and my accomplishments and that helped me keep going this morning.

It made me think about Middletown Pride too. Tolerance beats intolerance, that’s for sure. But I am proud to live in a community that doesn’t just “tolerate” our LGBTQI friends and neighbors, but welcomes them joyfully, and yes, with pride.

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