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Finding Gratitude

I used to think gratitude journals were bullshit. Gratitude journals are a practice, recommended by Oprah among others, for women to find ways to appreciate things in their lives. As far as I understand it, the basic idea is that … Continue reading

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Ghost Train Half Marathon Race Report – Or, How To Have a Blast While Trying Not To Suck

My feelings about this race ran the gamut from excited expectation to business-like execution to serendipitous joy. The Ghost Train Half Marathon is a small local race put on by the Parks and Rec Department of the towns of East … Continue reading

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Specialized Weaponry / Toys

If you missed my earlier posts on plantar fasciitis, you can find the Opening Gambit here and the Front Line Assault Measures here. Now, onward to Specialized Weaponry a.k.a. Toys. One of the worst things about plantar fasciitis is how … Continue reading

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