Training Log – 4.15.18

Catching up on training logs with two weeks in one. Back on the track, new shoes, some physical therapy, a 10 mile race and a trip to Beantown. Been a busy couple of weeks!

Monday, 4/2, Morning Crew – 2200 swim

I did a workout called Coach Cupcake Loves 50s. She writes my swim workouts for me and I love this one too. Brain off. Swim on. Go.

Tuesday, 4/3, Early Morning Crew – Cruise Intervals, 2 miles WU, 3×1200 w/400 recovery, 1 mile CD

Tuesday track is back on the schedule! Teacher Runner and I did these together and ran 5:49, 5:53, 5:56 for the 1200s. I’ve said it a million times, but it’s still true. I love running next to this woman.

Wednesday, 4/4, Lunch Crew – 4 easy miles (8:58 pace), plus weights

Usual run from the gym. Some day it will be spring in New England. Today was not that day.

Thursday, 4/5, Lunch Crew – Easy 6 miles (9:33 pace)

First run in new shoes! I’m trying Mizuno Wave Riders instead of the Inspires. High Power Running Mentor #2 says I don’t need the stability of the Inspires. Love the shoes. Trying to figure out if anterior tibialis is still bugging me or not. Hard to say.

Friday, 4/6, Early Morning Crew – 5 easy miles with some strides

Early morning run with Snarky Girl. Afternoon visit to the Maestro because I got panicky about the anterior tibialis situation. He more or less looked at me like I had two heads, stuck some needles in my leg, and sent me on my way.

Saturday, 4/7, Afternoon Crew – 2 miles plus stride

All systems go for tomorrow’s race!

Sunday, 4/8, Middletown 10 Miler (plus 1.5 WU and 1.5 CD)

A fabulous race with lots of friends, a shiny new PR (1:19:35!!!), and post-race mimosas! WOOT! Race report forthcoming.

Total:  36 miles


Monday, 4/9, Morning Crew – 2200 swim

Traditional Monday morning swim!

Tuesday, 4/10, Early Morning Crew – 4 easy miles (9:53 pace)

Snarky Girl showed up in my driveway this morning and announced: “There will be no talking today. I am very sore from the race. Mr. Snarky Girl said we had to run fast to beat the snow. I did not have time for coffee.” She earned her nickname this morning.

What is up with that foot?

Wednesday, 4/11, Lunch Crew – 4 easy miles (9:04 pace) plus weights

I went to physical therapy today to start to work on fixing my left foot turning out in such a crazy way. A friend got an excellent picture of the problem at last Sunday’s race. Now just have to figure out a solution!

Thursday, 4/12, Lunch Crew – Mixed Fartlek run, 5 miles

This is 2 warm-up miles and then alternating fast/slow for 3 minutes, 2 minutes 30 seconds, 2 minutes, etc. One of my favorites. Plus, my fast segments were quite a bit faster than the last time I ran this back in November. Exciting!

Friday, 4/13, Morning Crew – 6 easy miles (9:33 pace)

Snarky Girl and I ran the course for an upcoming 10K race. It’s hilly. Garmin Connect says 350 feet of gain. Strava says 450 feet. I’m going to try to believe Garmin Connect.

Saturday, 4/14, Morning Crew – 2.5 easy miles plus weights                                                               

Sneaking in a quick run and workout before heading to BOSTON! I am not running the marathon this year, but Corgi Speedster scored a free place to stay and said I could join her. Coach Mick was in town with a bunch of his runners and we had fun at the expo and a great team dinner Saturday night. So fun!

Sunday, 4/15, Morning Crew – 9 easy miles including surprise .83 mile race

Like me, Corgi Speedster went to college in the Boston area and she organized a Sunday morning collegiate sports nostalgia running tour. Basically a bunch of her friends met up and she led us around the city pointing out various highlights from both rowing and running. Spectacular! Partway through she also announced a classic bridge-to-boathouse race of just under a mile. I’m thrilled to say I was first woman to the boathouse! Post-run brunch was then enjoyed by all. Being in Boston for marathon weekend is pretty amazing.


Total: 30.5 miles

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