Training Log – 4.16.18 to 5.6.18

The Last Word with High Power Running Mentor #1. Who gets the last word?

Life got *super* busy with the end of the semester, travel, and racing, oh my! I haven’t done a training log in five whole weeks! But of course, I’ve been training so here’s what I’ve been up to. This three weeks takes us from the weather insanity of the Boston marathon, through a 10K race, a trip to Chicago, a little heatwave, and a humid half marathon. Whew!

Monday, 4/16, Boston Marathon Spectating!

Standing and cheering for hours in the wind and rain – best workout there is! Maybe…..more on this experience forthcoming when I get past the PTSD.

Tuesday, 4/17, Morning Crew – Stamina Intervals, 2 miles WU, 4×1200 @6:10 w/400 recovery, 1 mile CD

I am loving these track workouts. These were a little faster than planned at first so I worked to slow down a bit. I’m also practicing keeping my pace as consistent as possible for each 200m section. It’s incredibly satisfying to click these off. 1200s came out at: 5:47; 5:52; 5:57; 5:56.

Wednesday, 4/18, Lunch Crew – 4 easy miles (9:21 pace), plus weights

Usual run from the gym. Kept it pretty chill.

Thursday, 4/19, Morning Crew – Easy 6 miles (8:55 pace)

Second time running the Sprint into Spring 10K course. I wanted to go run those hills again. 10K coming up on Sunday!

Friday, 4/20, Morning Crew – Easy 6.5 (8:40 pace)

We are gradually sneaking the pace a little faster on easy runs. It totally blows my mind that I can run 6 miles at 8:40 and call it easy. I can remember struggling to hold HALF a mile at 8:40. Crazy.

Saturday, 4/21, Morning Crew – 2 miles plus strides

Usual pre-race run. I like to do this in the cul-de-sacs near my house. Feeling good!

Sunday, 4/22, Sprint into Spring 10K (plus 1 mile WU and 1.5 miles CD)

Eek! New 10K PR of 48:00! Plus third woman overall! What is going on??? See race report for details!

Total:  34 miles

Lots of running with friends this week! Met my local buddies on Tuesday and then some not-so-local buddies in Chicago. Running friendships really are in a special category all their own.

Monday, 4/23, Morning Crew – 2100 swim

We All Love 50s – Favorite swim workout right now!

Tuesday, 4/24, Early Morning Crew – 5 easy miles (9:29 pace)

Lovely girlfriend run with Teacher Runner and Blue Turtle. We ended up with perfect negative splits, always fun when that happens. It’s so good to catch up with everyone.

Wednesday, 4/25, Lunch Crew – 4 easy miles (8:48 pace) plus weights

I felt extremely peppy today and this might have been my fastest outing on this course. It is SO GREAT to be able to do these four miles outside in decent weather instead of battling the snow or dealing with the treadmill.

Thursday, 4/26, Lunch Crew – Stamina Intervals, 2 miles WU, 4×1 mile @ 8:00 w/400 jog recovery, 1 mile CD

I seriously could not be happier about how this went. It was 55 degrees and a little humid, but things just totally clicked into place and I felt like a metronome. Part of me felt like I could just keep doing this indefinitely. Very fun and a big confidence booster. Split times: 7:56; 7:57; 8:01; 7:58. I’m incredibly pleased (and a little surprised!) that I could keep them that even.

Friday, 4/27, Early Morning Crew – 6 easy miles (8:51 pace)

I went to Chicago for a girls weekend, but of course, I also wanted to meet up with High Power Running Mentor #1 for a run. He showed up head-to-toe in Tracksmith just to make me jealous of his running wardrobe. We had a great jaunt on the 606, a fabulous running trail through Chicago. He promised not to run me into the ground and he didn’t. The somewhat more uptempo pace was entirely my fault.

Saturday, 4/28, Early Morning Crew – 6 easy miles (11:30 pace)                          

Just about nine years ago, a woman I call Tiny Dynamo convinced me to start running. This weekend she convinced me to come to Chicago for a spur-of-the-moment visit. Thank goodness she has great ideas, since she is so persuasive! Phenomenal to run with her this morning!

Sunday, 4/29, Early Morning Crew – 9 miles, first 6 at 8:45-9:00, last 3 at 8:30-8:45

Back to the 606 for solo 9 miles. This is such a great trail for running!

Total: 38 miles

Back home after my Chicago adventures, I spent this week wrapping the semester up at work and getting ready for the Redding half marathon next Sunday.

Monday, 4/30, Morning Crew – Swim 2100

March Madness workout with JJ. Lots of travel. I am tired. Swimming is good. Same old, same old.

Tuesday, 5/1, Early Morning Crew – Cruise Intervals, 2 miles warm up, 4×800 @4:00 w/400m jog recovery, 1 mile cool down

Lots of fun at the track. Teacher Runner and Rooster were both there. My girlfriends have kept Track Tuesday alive and kicking in my absence. Hope to join them more in the future!

Wednesday, 5/2, Lunch Crew – 3 miles easy plus weights

Stupid hot today. 85 degrees and who knows what humidity. This is a full 40 degrees warmer than yesterday’s track workout. Get it together Mother Nature. Went to PT to work on results of gait analysis, but not sure that is going anywhere at the moment.

Thursday, 5/3, Morning Crew – 4 miles easy (8:48 ave pace)

It’s still kind of stupid hot, though 75 is better than 85. Ran with Snarky Girl and had a good snark session.

Friday, 5/4, Morning Crew – 4 miles progression run, descending 8:53 to 8:02

I was supposed to do 4 easy miles but the humidity hasn’t broken yet and I’m a bit worried about weather on race day. I just wanted to get a feel for faster running with these conditions. Not terrible, not brilliant.

Saturday, 5/5, Morning Crew – 2 miles easy plus strides

Usual pre-race routine. The weather is somewhat better but changing a lot. We shall see what tomorrow brings!

Sunday, 5/6, Redding Half Marathon – Run For The Cows!

New half marathon PR of 1:51:28, but a race that left me with a lot of questions. See race report for details.

Total: 33 miles


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