Training Log – 2.18.18

I’ve gotten way behind with these training log posts over here so I’m just going to transfer a pile of them over from Salty Running today. Enjoy! This one is the week before and after the Donna marathon.

Monday, 2/5, Morning Crew – Swim 1200

Quick little swim with Snarky Girl. I also saw the Maestro for last minute PT tune-up. The I spent a bunch of time attempting to grade while being distracted by the upcoming marathon.

Tuesday, 2/6, Early Morning Crew – 5.5 miles as 2 miles WU, 10×200 w/1 min recovery, 1 mile CD

Teacher Runner met me and we ran on the track as the sun came up. Just like old times. Yeah! It was 21 degrees so I had to wear a million clothes.

Wednesday, 2/7, Lunch Time Crew – 4 easy miles on the treadmill at the gym (9:19 pace), plus strength training

A wintry mix arrived at 10am right on schedule. I ran inside with long sleeves and tights. Weather reports from Florida were looking warmer by the day. It’s really too late for heat acclimatization, but whatever. Every little bit helps, I figured. Cue foreshadowing now….

Thursday, 2/8, Travel Day!

I flew down to Jacksonville for my goal race of the season, 26.2 with Donna. I got to meet Coach Mick in person for the first time. My parents also came in for the race! No real workout, but I Coach Mick let me ride around on his bionic runner, which was super fun.

Friday, 2/9, Morning Crew – 4 easy miles plus strides (9:23 pace)

An easy jog around the neighborhood with Coach Mick! So fun. Afterwards we went to the race expo.

Saturday, 2/10, 5K with the Donna race weekend (29:15)

The Donna Race Weekend includes a bunch of races on Saturday and Sunday. A bunch of us decided to go ahead and run the 5K on Saturday, including my dad! I was just using it at as a shake-out run so I kept the pace very easy. This race made it clear when the sun was out, it was pretty warm. My dad came in third in his age group and beat his goal time by five minutes. So proud of him! Coach Mick placed too!

Sunday, 2/11, 26.2 with Donna – Marathon! (4:54:48)

The race report is already posted. I’ve been practicing my elevator speech, which goes something like this. I had a fantastic weekend down in Florida. My parents got to see me cross a marathon finish line for the first time and I got to meet my coach in person. The race was tough – it got quite hot and I didn’t get the time I think I was probably trained for. But my heart is full of joy to be able to return to the marathon distance after not being able to run for so long due to injury. I still love the marathon, even when she doesn’t love me back.

Total:  42.8 miles

The week post-marathon is pretty easy to report on. I got up Monday morning and did some yoga and rode the bionic runner around again. My left shin hurt quite a bit, which was a little worrisome. It got worse not better on the plane ride back to Connecticut. The Maestro has diagnosed me with anterior tibialis tendonopathy and I am not running at the moment. I had planned to take a week off running anyway, so I’m trying not to worry too much. I’ve been doing a lot of swimming. If I’m still in the pool next week, I’ll start reporting what I’m doing there. In the meantime, fingers crossed that some rest and the Maestro’s magic can take care of this issue quickly.

Total: 0 miles




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