Training Log – 3.4.18

The last two weeks have been marked by frustration, worry, travel, recovery and trying to play it smart. Heads-up: this training log may contain profanity. There’s been more swimming than running, but the most miles have been covered by train and plane for sure. I’m so incredibly ready for normal life to return so let’s hope that’s what I have to talk about next weekend. As for the past two weeks:

Monday, 2/19, Morning Crew – Swim 2400

Thumbs up from the Maestro, though he was less than pleased about my consecutive days of running idiocy.

My friend Coach Cupcake wrote me a special Fuck Not Running Workout. I also got some dry needling from the Maestro. The anterior tibialis (AT) situation is finally getting much better and I got cleared to run tomorrow. WOOT!

Tuesday, 2/20, Morning Crew – 4 easy miles (9:10 pace)

First run post 26.2 with Donna! The AT was a little cranky but loosened up. The legs were a little grouchy but also got better over time. IT’S SO GOOD TO RUN!!

Wednesday, 2/21, Morning Crew – 4.8 easy miles (9:49 pace)

AT started hurting at mile 4. I almost walked it in, but I had a flight to catch and I didn’t have time so I ran with it hurting quite a bit. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Flew to Germany for work, or attempted to.

Thursday, 2/22, Travel Nightmare Day

Spent the day in Toronto renewing passport that was too close to expiration for the European Union to let me in. Yuck.

Friday, 2/23, Morning Crew – 4 easy miles (10:44 pace)

Having finally arrived in Germany, I ran in Marburg along the Lahn, an absolutely gorgeous university town. I had been super excited to run in Germany. The last time I was here, I wasn’t back to running after the plantar fasciitis ordeal. But this run was not great. I had had way too little sleep, way too much delicious German breakfast, and worst of all – I had quite a bit of AT pain. Plus winter had arrived and it was freezing cold. Blech.

Saturday, 2/24, rest day from running a.k.a major work day

I was in Marburg for a two day conference commemorating the 100th anniversary of women in Germany getting the right to vote. Luckily my talk was Friday so today I just had to participate, but not perform. I didn’t have a lot of time to run and the AT was a mess. Plus, Germans hate ice for some reason so it was hard to do much for recovery other than sit on my butt.

Sunday, 2/25, rest day, walked around Marburg

I considered running today, but after texting with the Maestro, decided against it. Yes, my spectacular PT texts me over the weekend to consult on these things. I know how lucky I am and I bring him German chocolate. I felt super frustrated about the whole AT situation and wallowed in self pity for awhile and drank some excellent German wine.

Total:  12.8 miles

Monday, 2/26, travel day

Spent the travel time 1) grading; 2) writing massive recover-from-anterior-tibialis-tendonitis plan; 3) getting tipsy in Montreal airport. Return trip to the US involved zero visits to the consulate, a huge plus when compared to trip out.

Tuesday, 2/27, 4 easy miles (8:26 average pace)

After three consecutive days off, the AT situation is MUCH better! Hooray! Coach Mick also recommended running a bit faster to see if a slightly different pace had less impact. Ok, that’s a LOT faster for me, but I had some mental crap to burn off. I saw the Maestro for more needles, but he’s feeling very happy about how things are going and so am I.

Wednesday, 2/28, biking and weights

Back to the gym for the first time post-marathon. Nothing too serious.

Thursday, 3/1, 5.3 miles, Mixed Fartleks

This run tends to show up on my schedule after a race and I love it. Just a mix of fast and slow running to sort of loosen things up. Still a little stiffness in the AT, but I’m starting to feel like maybe I dodged a bullet with all the extra time off.

Friday, 3/2, 45 minutes elliptical

Snarky Girl joined me at the YMCA for 45 min of elliptical fun.

Saturday, 3/3, 40 min on the bike plus strength

First post- marathon workout with Tough Guy Trainer. We did a full body workout and re-hashed the race. It feels so so good to be back to the normal schedule, in life and in training.

Sunday, 3/4, 7 miles, first 4 easy, then descend for next 3 miles

 Ran with the whole gang for the first three miles and then just Teacher Runner for the last four. I have missed these women so much and we laughed a lot while running. Running side-by-side with Teacher Runner is basically my heaven on earth. So, a very good day!

Total: 16 miles




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