Training Log – 3.18.18

Ta-da!This week felt like finally a return to more or less normal training. I’ve got my energy back after the marathon and the travel. The anterior tibialis is behaving itself. Every day felt great and I even managed to dodge a mid-week snowstorm.

Monday, 3/5, Morning Crew – Swim 2100

Swam with Snarky Girl. Usual Monday routine. YEAH!

Tuesday, 3/6, Early Morning Crew – 6 easy miles (9:52 pace)

Easy morning run. I’m experimenting with doing some runs fasted, including this one. Usually if I don’t eat something before running, I feel sick, but today was fine. More importantly, anterior tibialis was fine, maybe a little stiff, but no pain.

Wednesday, 3/7, Morning Crew – 45 min elliptical plus weights

I met with Tough Guy Trainer earlier than usual to beat the impending snow storm.

Thursday, 3/8, Morning Crew – Swim 1650

We ended up with about 18 inches of snow. I am so totally over winter. Roads were in terrible shape, but I convinced Snarky Girl to drive to the pool and we snuck in a good swim. It feels like I’m finally getting my energy back this week.

Friday, 3/9, Early Morning Crew – Tempo Intervals, 2 miles WU, three times 1 mile at 8-8:15 w/90 sec recovery, 1 mile cool down

First real workout post-Donna! Teacher Runner came with me and we killed it. Splits for the faster miles were 7:55, 7:55, 7:52. I’m pretty sure I’ve never run three sub-8 miles that close together before. Plus, running next to Teacher Runner is pretty much my definition of running heaven. PLUS, no pain from the ant tib. I kept my appointment with the Maestro for later in the day anyway and he found what he called a “spicy meatball” with his needles. I nearly jumped off the table, but it seems to have paid off because even the lingering stiffness in my shin has been gone ever since. Fingers crossed.

Saturday, 3/10, Early Morning Crew – 45 min stair stepper machine plus weights

The stationary bike has been bugging the ant tib so even though it’s feeling so much better, I decided to play it safe and climb the stairs to nowhere for 45 min. Then weights. Nothing fancy.

Sunday, 3/11, Early Morning Crew – 8 miles plus strides, (9:42 pace)

I met Teacher Runner and Rooster for a pre-church jaunt. Anything under 10 miles, I can get done before church and that frees up the afternoon for critical activities like Girl Scout cookie deliveries. The run felt great. It’s so wonderful to be running with my girlfriends again.

Total: 20 miles

My running crew

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2 Responses to Training Log – 3.18.18

  1. Darlena says:

    Great work! So glad you’ve healed so well from you PF. Hopefully one day we will get to meet in person. Maybe at Manchester RR next year.

  2. Nicole says:

    Good job. It looks like a good, varied training log that will be very productive. I can’t wait to see the results of your hard work.

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