Training Log – 6.10.18

This week is mostly recovery from the Iron Horse half marathon which meant lower mileage and everything a bit easier. The Incredible Mervus was out of town so I had to juggle work time and running time and kid time. The end of their school year is so close that we can all taste it. And on Saturday, I raced a crazy downhill mile. But that’s it for races until Erie except for the Boilermaker, which will likely end up more as a training run. Here’s the details from the week:

Monday, 6/4, School Bus Crew – Swim 2200

Did my Everybody Loves 50s workout in the pool. Perhaps I will love 50s forever. I was sore and tired and still smiling ear-to-ear about yesterday’s race.

Tuesday, 6/5, School Bus Crew – 4 miles (9:23 pace)

Just cruised around the neighborhood solo. Indulged in mega-foam rolling session. Tough Guy Trainer and I are off kilter with our schedules this week so I did a little lifting at home. Taking things pretty easy.

Wednesday, 6/6, Lunch Crew – 4 miles (9:11 pace)

Beautiful lunch time run, sunny but not too hot. With Mervus out of town, I can’t do the early morning slot so lots of solo running for me this week.

Thursday, 6/7, School Bus Crew – 5 miles, Mixed fartlek run plus weights

The usual post-race fartlek routine. Not as fast as sometimes but that was a monster effort last weekend. We took it easy on the weights also.

Friday, 6/8, Early Morning Crew – 6 miles (9:23 pace); 16 miles biking

Friday trail run. Legs were FINALLY feeling springier. Mistress Triple M has decided to take up cycling and has also decided that she needs me to go with her. So I added a little ride to the mix today as well. We had a lovely trip over the bridge – first time I’ve done that!

Saturday, 6/9, Spring Street Mile Race – 4 miles total with WU and CD

This is a downhill mile race in nearby Manchester, the Retiree’s home turf. We roped North Shore Strider into coming to town for the race last minute and we had an absolute blast running down that crazy hill! Also – new mile PR by a full minute! Race report forthcoming.

Sunday, 6/10, Early Morning Crew – Long run, 7 miles (9:21 pace)

I ran with Rooster and a friend of hers. Seven miles seemed really short when I saw it on the schedule and really long by the time we finished. I was ready to be done.

Total: 30 miles

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