Training Log – 7.23.18 – 8.5.18

Somehow summer means having more time and also much less time so last week’s training log didn’t happen. Two weeks for the price of one this week, though! The first week is our return from vacation, oy, re-entry is hard. It’s been hot and humid and I’m running tons of miles. I was dragging all week. Marathon training can be a grind. The second week was better. I had some great workouts and I’m having fun experimenting with different shoes. At the end of the second week, though, an old enemy reared its ugly head. Or, er, foot. Read on for details.

Monday, 7/23, Morning Crew – Swim 2200

Snarky Girl is back! I’ve been swimming alone while she’s been out of town, but it was great to have her company again. We did our favorite workout: Everybody Loves 50s. Swim is magic, as usual.

Tuesday, 7/24, Early Morning Crew – 7.5 miles as 2 miles WU; 6×800 @3:40 w/400 jog recovery; 1 mile CD

Rooster, Teacher Runner and Blue Turtle came along so we had a gang for track today. The weather is just nasty. 75 degrees and 95% humidity. Still, this felt fantastic. I feel like I’m really getting into a groove with these regular Tuesday track workouts. 800s came out as: 3:42; 3:44; 3:40; 3:40; 3:40; 3:41. Couldn’t be happier with that!

Wednesday, 7/25, Morning Crew – 4 miles (9:21 pace) then weights

Felt gross today. Weather is still gross. Running in soup is disgusting. I’m tired and sort of over it. ‘Nuff said. After two weeks away from the gym, even weights were pretty lousy.

Thursday, 7/26, Morning Crew – 8 miles last three at marathon pace

Still hot, still humid, I was tired and getting tireder. The morning run went fine but I decided to give the mile race at the evening track meet a miss. I had a blast spectating and cheering while my son worked moving hurdles and keeping time. Training feels very grindy at the moment.

Friday, 7/27, Early Morning Crew – 8 miles on trails (10:47 pace)

Still tired and now also sore from the gym workout. Goody. But this was a lovely trail run with a bunch of girlfriends and I took the day off work to take the kids to an amusement park, so a pretty good day, all in all.

Saturday, 7/28, Early Morning Crew – 7 miles (9:20 pace) then weights

Holy marathon training, I am tired. In complete non-news, it was still hot and still humid. I was supposed to run 6 miles but forgot how long the route was so went an extra mile by mistake. Then had to drink about a gallon of coffee to get myself motivated for the gym. Is this week over yet?

Sunday, 7/29, Early Morning Crew – 16 miles, fast finish

Luckily I had the girls with me for the first six miles of this. It’s still insanely hot and humid. Still, I was able to pick up the pace for the last couple of miles so I felt good about that. And I’ve discovered that the corner store near where we run sells the best pickles in the entire world for $1.49. Score! The hunt for a race shoe continues. I wore my new pair of Adidas Boston Boosts and they squished my toes a little. Hmmm.

Total: 50 miles

I got myself a pedicure to see if that would stop the toe squishing and also because my poor tootsies deserved some love. Pink that’s light enough for summer and dark enough to cover up whatever might be going on underneath….

Monday, 7/30, Morning Crew – Swim 2250 “Be A Shark” Workout

Swimming is again amazing. I took my daughter to the lake yesterday and just being in the water after the long run was amazing. I feel like this combination of workouts is the most genius part of this training cycle.

Tuesday, 7/31, Early Morning Crew – Tempo Intervals, 2 miles WU; 3×3200 at 8:00, 7:50, 7:40 w/200m recovery, 1 mile CD

This went so well! Teacher Runner and Snarky Girl came along for the first bit and I finished on my own. I was definitely nervous about this workout and so pleased that I could do it! When things on the track go well, it’s so fun!

Wednesday, 8/1, Morning Crew – 4 miles easy (8:59 pace), then weights

I ran with Snarky Girl. Felt the track workout from yesterday in my legs for sure. Today I tried out the Nike Zoom Flys and they were great. The shoe issue is a puzzle. Some shoes seem fine on some days and bad on other days. When the Zoom Flys are good, they are very good. I fear I am turning into a shoe nut.

Thursday, 8/2, Morning Crew – Goal Pace Run, 8 miles, last 6 at goal marathon pace

It’s hot and humid here in New England and it feels like it’s been that way for weeks. I know you are supposed to adjust for conditions and slow down when the weather is crappy. But I also know that my last two marathons have been in weather much like this: temperature right around 80 degrees, humidity over 85%. No one is going to adjust the clock if it’s warm on race day so I just went for it and guess what? I ran my goal pace! I was even a little quicker than planned. This run was a big confidence booster. Speaking of which – wore the Adidas Boston Boosts again and they were fine. Is this the marathon shoe?

Friday, 8/3, Early Morning Crew – 8 miles easy on trails (10:54 pace), then weights

This run was crazy. The weather has turned our local forest into some kind of Alice in Wonderland world. Mushrooms everywhere! I’ve never seen so many mushrooms and so many different kinds! I took loads of pictures. Unfortunately, my left foot felt a bit wonky, even on the soft surface of the trails. Eek.

Saturday, 8/4, Early Morning Crew – 10 miles biking

I talked to Coach Mick about my foot and we decided to swap today’s easy run for a bike ride. With my plantar fasciitis history, we don’t want to take any chances. I’m not too too worried. Better safe than sorry, for sure.

Sunday, 8/5, Early Morning Crew – 22 miles easy (9:51 pace)

Wow! This is the longest I’ve ever gone in training. Despite the insane heat and humidity, this run went really well! I had the pleasure of Squirrel’s company for 14 miles and that was fabulous. The last few miles felt hard for sure. But that average pace includes water stops and one extended potty stop so I feel great about this! In yet another shoe experiment, ran in Mizuno Wave Riders and they were fine. I am hoping for a lighter shoe for the race, but top priority is something that doesn’t hurt my feet. Jury is still out on that front.

Total: 51 miles



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